The U.S. Constitution is the supreme Law of the Land

All elected officials take an Oath of Office to uphold the Constitution. I will take that oath and intend to keep it.


Businesses create jobs. Manufacturing must return to California. Regulations and taxations must be reduced so as to create a friendly business environment. Life and liberty should be preserved according to the tenets of our US Constitution.


Government must return to its original purpose. Government must protect its citizens and maintain the rule of law in California. The individual citizen must be responsible


Local communities need more flexibility to educate their students and not be over burdened with excessive bureuacracy from top-down leadership. Parents are always the primary educators of their children, and their rights should not be trampled by ideological gender politics from the state or federal government.


Sanctity of Life

Life begins at conception and is determined by God. To terminate a life in the womb or at any other stage of life puts the killer in the place of God. The government CANNOT legislate immorality - I stand for the right to life of every unborn child.


People eat food every day, and farmers need water to grow food. California needs the agricultural economy and America must remain sovereign in food production. Vote Robert C Newman II for California Governor 2018. He has studied water issues for over 20 years.


My Vision for California


Preamble to the California Constitution

My vision is that we remain mindful of the Preamble to the California Constitution: “We, the People of the State of California, grateful to Almighty God for our freedom, in order to secure and perpetuate its blessings, do establish this Constitution.”


Safe Borders

My vision for California citizens is that we can all live within the borders in a safe environment free from fear. Government must respect the rights of the citizen. I want government to not impede progress of the working people. I want workers to have the opportunity to earn a living at a job that is both intrinsically meaningful and appropriately remunerative


Keeping The Fruit of Your Labor

I envision people earning and keeping the fruits of their labor. This is accomplished by less government, lower taxes, and fewer regulations. This is a milieu where content people are more secure, less troubled, and more patient and accepting of others. I want people to have more disposable cash to eagerly take care of their needs and to assist others who may be less fortunate. I want citizens to decide where to assist others rather than government to take the citizens monies through taxes and decide who to aid.