Do you consider yourself pro-life? I do.

Sometimes it is hard for us to say WHY we believe the way we do. I believe this is why America's Founding Fathers stated in the Declaration of Independence that the Inalienable Right to Life was self-evident.

The Founding Fathers put Life and Liberty together in the list of inalienable rights.

Clearly, California politics attacks on the right to life go hand-in-hand with the attacks on our civil liberties.

The California Legislature passed a law that required pro-life pregnancy centers to refer for abortion. That law was challenged and has been heard by the U.S. Supreme Court. We are still awaiting the outcome.

The California Legislature then passed a law to allow doctors to prescribe, and pharmacists to dispense, lethal doses of medication. This was called the End of Life Options Act, and informally known as physician-assisted suicide.

That law has been challenged in court, and it will take time for the case to work its way through the courts. There are many problems  the with the law which the pro-life lawyers will, no doubt, bring up in court.

As Governor, I would not sign into law any bill that had no public input before it was passed by the State Legislature.

The problem with the End of Life Options Act was that it was passed in haste, with NO PUBLIC INPUT. There was no medical professionals who testified at hearings. No patients, no family members, and no members of the public had any say in the passing of the law.


Do you believe in freedom of speech?  I do!  

Another bill passed by the California Assembly, and yet to be voted on by the California Senate would make it a crime for anyone to counsel against same-sex unions. Have you read the first chapter of St. Paul's letter to the Romans? Under this proposed law, the section that
counsels against same-sex unions presumably could not be read out loud from a pulpit.

This is another proposed law that the Legislature neglected to invite public opinion on. As Governor I would not sign any bill like this into law.



As Governor, I will bring back into court the case on the Defense of marriage, passed by the People of California as a California State Constitutional Amendment.

The Governor at that time and who is still in office (but not running for re-election), would not go to court to uphold the Defense of Marriage Amendment. Though it is the Governor's duty under the California State Constitution to enforce the laws he did not. I fully intend to bring this back into court and honor the wishes of the people of California when they voted for the Defense of Marriage Amendment.



I am pro-life/sanctity of life from the top of my head to the bottom of my feet. As proof, I have stood with my wife outside abortion clinics with signs, from Sacramento to San Diego and many abortion locations in-between. I have attended pro-life/sanctity of life events and all day meetings to be equipped to do this work. I have gone to court with a pro-life sidewalk counselor in Long Beach just this year. He was arrested with his sign outside an abortion clinic.

My wife and I spent three days with Survivors last Summer in training in San Francisco. Then we trainees demonstrated outside a State Building where lawyers were honoring a judge who was hearing the case against the undercover pro-life reporters who exposed the real Planned

My wife and I have been to Washington D.C. where we met with the foremost pro-life activist, Lauren Handy. She is active with Operation Rescue. She attended the trial of an abortionist accused of the homicide of his patient, who later admitted his guilt in court.

Earlier, Lauren Handy co-wrote this article on the trial: