Real Tax Reform

Secure a reduction in taxes and disallow additional taxes by limiting the number of things the government can tax to very few. Prohibit deficit spending and require the government to fully fund everything it mandates. Unfunded mandates are stealth taxation!


The Declaration of Independence is the spirit of the law while the Constitution is the letter of the law. The letter of the law must be interpreted in light of the Declaration. Justice can only be accomplished when the two documents are connected. I call this “linkage” and it gives people the power to immediately begin reversing misguided laws and unconstitutional rulings of the past.

Payroll and Compensation Reform

Workers should be paid 100% of the money employers spend on them. This approach will increase take home pay by 40% or more. It gives employees personal responsibility and control of their own destiny. Pensions are saved, both public and private. The cost and oppressive influence of government is cut at all levels. The savings under this plan can be documented

The Constitutional Governor

The oath of office of government officials states that they will preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States. I will take the oath of office and use “Linkage” described in Element number 5 to accurately interpret and enforce the Constitution. Unconstitutional activities will cease; wrongful policies will be rescinded.

Bureaucracy and Budget Reform

An immediate 10% cut in the budgets of all state departments and agencies, (In the first year it will save taxpayers $9.5 billion.) an incentive will be awarded to any employee who discovers waste. This will turn a wasteful horde of bureaucrats into an army of cost-cutters and whistle-blowers

A Principled Foundation

Our wise Founding Fathers informed us that the Tree of Liberty can only grow in a moral soil. I have a plan to restore the moral health of California.