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Newsom’s Illogic

Even the former governor, RINO Schwarzenegger, has informed the soon to be fired Newsom that the propaganda Newsom has tried to use is faulty. Newsom thinks that if he tries to label the Recall people as “Republican Extremists” he can deceive the people and misrepresent the Recall altogether.

Schwarzenegger’s Comment: “The California Republicans couldn’t even get anyone elected… These are the signatures of the ordinary folks…” This implies that the common American cannot accurately evaluate Newsom’s performance and see it as inadequate.

The Recall is not a Republican effort; it is the people of California who want to oust Newsom. Newsom’s failed leadership is the reason for the Recall.

Schwarzenegger recommended to Newsom, “…just think about the people and not about the unions not about the party…”

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