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There are many elements to this topic. Each may have merits. My position is firm: America is my country; California is my state. With this as a foundation, government agents must uphold their oath of office, the policy to protect the American citizens against both foreign and domestic enemies.

Illegal migration into the U.S. and into California constitutes an invasive enemy. Therefore the southern border of California must be secured. Invaders must be dealt with as if they were breaking into your house. They should be apprehended, taken into custody, immediately evaluated with humane treatment and then deported. Return them to the point of entry on the other side of the border as best can be determined.

Minor children are the responsibility of their parents. To abandon a minor child, a toddler, a preteen or teenager is, in the State of California against the law. Such an act is child endangerment. It is inhumane. The care of minors is the responsibility of the country that allowed the children to be smuggled into America or country of origin, not the responsibility of the taxpayers of America, and not the responsibility of the State of California. Minors are certainly a special area of illegal immigration since in many cases the illegal migration of the child was the idea of a parent who has poor critical thinking. The child given away and raised by a stranger is very very likely to have psychological problems. The parents of creation are not doing the child any good by having them tossed into another country no matter what country that may be.

Think of parents in America having their child or children dropped off in Germany, or in a South American country where the children cannot even speak the language. Leaving a child is abandonment and is child abuse. The supporters of the migrant children are tying to tug at the heart strings of God loving Americans by using the very lives of innocent children.

America, a country established on a capitalistic form of economics must face the reality that we cannot take care of more than our citizens can afford. The socialists/communists strategy is to overwhelm the system. To overwhelm the individual with burdensome taxation is destructive. To pay for services for foreigners who have come here illegally is ludicrous.

Solution: Secure our borders. Return invaders to a reasonable point of entry. Return illegal aliens to their country of origin. Minimize taxpayers’ expense. Build a wall to prevent access and guard it with the same security we use to secure our private homes, offices, and government buildings. We ought to guard our country from intruders like the privileged wealthy guard their properties.

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