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The Recall is Necessary

Due to Poor Leadership

Bad leadership has destroyed the quality of life in California.

As it would appear, the various decisions that have been promulgated from the Governor’s office are primarily designed to control the masses by the use of fear. However, some precursors leading to irrational fear, are anxiety, from uncertainty due to a lack of predictability. Insecurity has been induced by the arbitrary changing of the rules.

Rules should only be changed because more compelling evidence is available, not at whim. The evidence on which decisions are made must be grounded in the scientific method. Those results must be replicable.

The bulk of the current decrees made by the current governor here in California are not scientifically substantiated; they are instead arbitrary and have brought harm to many Californians.

The whole basis of the tier system of red to orange to purple is built on quicksand. The people of California are being manipulated by faulty decisions which are made frivolously. The results are uncertainty, unpredictability, insecurity, anxiety, and ultimately, fear. Businesses cannot survive on these unstable and unpredictable decisions.

In the restaurant business, as an example, food is ordered to meet the needs of the customers. Help is hired and scheduled to wait upon the anticipated customers. When the shut-down occurred these restaurants had a huge loss in perishable food. Also their help was lost. When these business were allowed to open again they incurred extra costs in signage (drive through open, pick up phone, order here, use other door). Outside accommodations of pop-ups, tents, heaters, lights, extra tables and chairs added to the business’ expenses. And many restaurants were unable to coax their employees to return because the California government gave unemployment inducements greater than the restaurant’s wages. Other employees moved away, left the state, or made life changing decisions based upon this government induce disaster. The on-again off-again style of the government was very, very effective in destroying businesses. The handling of the pandemic has been nonsensically beyond the pale; it has been a disaster due to incompetence at the top.

Manufacturing, agriculture, trucking, and education could also be used as examples of government induced disaster. It is important to note that each business has its own specific losses.

An example of how the government can cause the squelching of initiative and creativity, can be seen in a young couple. The husband worked at a regular job making a decent living; his wife started a photography business and was so talented that her bookings for weddings was so great that she needed help. The husband was also a photographer so he quit work to help his wife prepare for the full year of bookings for weddings. Along came the California governor causing the cancellations of all the bookings due to the poor handling of the pandemic. You can see that this couple now where both without work and unable to pay their house payment. What a disaster!

People are able to put two and two together and realize that if a person can go to the grocery store, Walmart, and Costco, buy food that has been handled by factory workers, stockers, cashiers, and baggers, that it doesn’t make since that other business are seen as unessential due to possible disease spreaders.. People out in public have recognized that some people do not wear a mask while others do. The rules are arbitrary and unstable. These ever-changing rules undermine confidence in the decision makers in government. As a buttress to the harm caused by the government “lock down,” it is well known in the field of psychology, that if one wants to make a child or person mentally unstable, mandatory isolation and constant changing of the rules have certainly proven to be a successful technique!

The governor’s use of the words “essential” and “non-essential” does not submit to reason. Though those are good words, they are not useful, appropriate, or helpful under the current situation. As I understand the economy, business or activity survives only if the people support it, i.e., within the boundary of legality.

The use of the words”essential” and “non-essential” changed abruptly without any real basis for the change in usage. For example, church involvement is clearly fundamental and therefore essential for the survival of our culture. But the governor deemed churches to be non-essential and therefore forced their closure. When opened again, churches were essential but with restrictions: masks, social distancing, and forbade singing. To sum up all these waves of government restrictions under this “pandemic” is an intentional crazy maker! It has lead to a significant increase incidence of depression, anxiety, suicide, social violence and an increase in alcohol consumption.

The biggest harm has been brought, perhaps, by the constant media blitz of unfounded statistics which continually reinforces the fear and anxiety in many Californians. This appears to be the “wish fulfillment” of the current governor, hence the good sense citizens initiated the Recall.

As governor of California, my solution is for government to get out of the way of the people exercising their constitutionally guaranteed freedoms and rights.

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