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Property Rights are Human Rights

Property ownership is truly America. Since before the United States of America was established America was known to be the land of opportunity. This was understood because people could acquire ownership of more than the clothes on their backs. They could acquire a possession that had the potential to accrue capital beyond itself.

A pocket knife, could be used to whittle and object. The useful object could be peddled. The profit could be used to acquire another tool which could also lead to a more profitable widget.

Now the same principle could be applied to real estate. A structure known as a house could be constructed, thus reinvesting in one’s own property so one no longer gives rent money to a landlord. The owner is himself his landlord. The owner of the property is therefore responsible for the care and use of the property.

Property in the form of real estate is one of the greatest benefits of living in America. That right must be safeguarded. Do not allow laws to be passed that erode your God given right to own your land. This truly American tradition is being encroached upon by government workers. Such workers are unaware of the Constitutional rights of property owners.

The Fourth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution forbids unlawful search and seizure. This is age old tradition that our home is our castle. Sometimes the government official is unaware that activities in the line of duty are a violation of owners’ rights. But ignorance of the law is no excuse. Sometimes the perpetrator has no concern about the individual’s rights. Each of us must be held accountable for our behavior. This is the essence of the Nuremberg Code which states each of us must be behaviorally responsible. Many government employees are, as public servants, who upon being hired swear to an oath of office. That oath states the employee will uphold the Constitution of the United States and to the Constitution of the State of California concerning both foreign and domestic enemies. The vast majority of them merely parroting the oath of office and have no understanding of their responsibility therein contained.

Know your rights!
Do not allow invasion of your privacy!
Hold others to their oath of office!

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