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Water Policy

Part 1: Availability

The importance of water cannot be emphasized enough. Without water we do not have life!

In Southern California the availability of water is determined by the State Department of Water Resources (DWR). There are many stakeholders who impact the final policy decisions of DWR. For me, the end users, the consumers are the most important.

The policymakers have, in the writer’s opinion, more heavily yielded to environmentalist’s pressure than to the needs of the end users. As a result, million of gallons of water are wasted by dumping it into the Pacific Ocean. The route is the Sacramento, San Joaquin Delta.

It is important to understand that the flow of fresh water through the San Francisco Bay naturally keeps marine water from too radically altering the ecosystem of the San Francisco Bay. Beyond maintaining this balance is a misuse of fresh water. The waste deprives the endusers forcing them into a water rationing and conservation mania.

The solution is, stop wasting water and make it available for human use.


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