My Journey, My Stand

by Robert C. Newman, II and Mary A. Newman


Robert Newman is a man of integrity who will continue to match California’s highest and steepest mountains because he is one of the very few who is completely aware of our state’s needs for people in both rural and urban areas.
— John W. Spring, Geopolitical Analyst
Robert is a man who has the heart of a true patriot. His passion and love for his country is a rallying call for all of us!
— Brad Dacus, President CEO of Pacific Justice Institute
My Journey, My Stand is a skillfully crafted look at one man’s journey, leading to a life of service. Robert Newman is that man and he is uniquely qualified to lead people spiritually, governmentally, and as part of a community. I wish all could grasp the simple truths, as outlined in this book, for if we could, it would transform our world.
— Tom Villalobos, Lead Pastor, Oak Valley Church, Yucaipa, CA
My Journey, My Stand” by Robert Newman is a book I encourage you to read. It’s a fascinating look at the personal life journey of Robert Newman to help equip you to better understand politics, issues and policy. Robert Newman is a Christian, and throughout his life, he has integrated his personal, civic, business and political beliefs into actions. For example, he not only believes in pro-life, but he helps out with time, money and effort for the unborn. Robert Newman has answers to many of our society’s problems and part of that has to do with the vote. He says “Citizens have the right to vote for whom they believe will best represent them. I believe citizens have not only the right to vote and also a duty, that duty, necessitates some knowledge of the issues and of the candidates.
— Craig Huey, President of Creative Direct Marketing Group, Publisher of Reality Alert, and President of,