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I will strive to serve the citizens of California.  I pledge to stay informed,
save money, listen to citizens and build a better future for all Californians.

Robert was born to a family which was not dirt poor but certainly dusty, Robert grew-up in the rural town of Lakeside, California. Polio at age four affected his right leg. This became an asset since his father, who did not have a high school diploma, spoke into Robert’s life stating he should not do manual labor for employment but go to college, to “be a doctor.” Robert married young. With God being central to their lives he and his wife, Mary, both managed to pay their way through school earning advanced degrees. They also achieved their dream of owning a small farm and raising farm animals.

Robert became a research clinical psychologist while his wife Mary, used her master’s degree to become a County social worker, who dedicated her career to helping the elderly.  After 20 years Robert chose to discontinue his career and manage the farm full-time.  In 2001, Robert informed us that God was calling him to  “Be the governor.”  At that point, life changed dramatically for the Newmans and turned their ordinary life into an extraordinary journey which continues to the present.

What defines Robert as a person?

First of all, Robert is a believer in Jesus Christ,

the Son of God, and believes in the Bible,

and he reads the Word of God almost daily.

Robert believes in limited government and individual responsibility devoid of government interference.  He also believes that the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States are inspired by our founding fathers’ faith in God and they are two of the greatest documents ever written.

Dr. Newman is Pro-God, Pro-life, traditional marriage,

U.S. Constitution, agriculture, business, and truckers

Education: PhD (research clinical psychology), MA (theoretical psychology), BA (zoology and chemistry).


Personal Information: Married 60 years; 2 adult children, 2 adult grandchildren,

living on a small farm for over 30 years. Attends Oak Valley Church in Yucaipa, CA.

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