About Me

I have been in California nearly all my life. I was born in 1944 in Battle Creek, Michigan, but in that same year, my family moved to the San Diego area where my father was stationed in the U.S. Navy. My parents were Christians; the Bible was their guide book for child-rearing. After my father was discharged he became a San Diego tuna fisherman; he was the skipper and navigator. My mother was primarily a homemaker but had a green thumb and was a superb gardener. As an adolescent I worked in agriculture: picking produce, in poultry, in the dairy, and in the raising of hogs.

I have been married to my wife, Mary, for 56 years. We have two adult offspring and two grandchildren. My wife and I worship at Oak Valley Church in Calimesa and Valley Baptist Fellowship in Yucaipa. We own a small farm and have worked with Future Farmers of America (FFA) and 4-H Clubs. As a young married couple we worked at a variety of jobs postponing gratification as we made education the primary goal. 

My formal education is in zoology, chemistry, and the behavioral sciences. My Ph.D. is in research, clinical psychology. I have taught at the community college and at the university level. I developed and standardized psychometric instruments. I have worked as a clinical psychologist in the public and private sectors. I have published several empirical research papers in peer review journals.

I keep informed by attending and participating in various meetings: County board of supervisors, city councils, community college trustee, law enforcement and many hearings (immigration, PUC, air quality regulations, BLM) studying the myriad issues that impact the people of our state. In addition, I have been on many water tours to immerse myself in the water crisis in California. For many terms I served as Community Co-chair of the March Air Force Base Restoration Advisory Board eliminating environmental contaminants at the former March AFB. 

Currently, my wife and I share the goal of turning our government back toward the ideals of the Founding Fathers under God. The fields are white for harvest in Sacramento; it is clearly the mission field into which I am Called.

I am a believer in salvation through Jesus the Christ. This is my most succinct self description.

my experience

Robert had often experienced first hand the oppressive and unjust power of the state. As much as he would have preferred to simply stay on his farm, he felt a powerful call to confront the many and varied abuses of government. He got involved in local politics, school boards, water districts, environmental agencies, and state government. He appreciated the wisdom of those who founded the United States, but despaired at the foolishness of modern politicians who often disregarded that wisdom for personal gain. He watched the dream of 1776 turn into the nightmare of today, and he knew that he could not stand idly by. Our nation and its people deserve better, and so he turned from the farm and the life that he loves so much to fight a fight that simply needs to be fought. There is too much at stake to merely shake one’s fist at the nightly news and complain while accomplishing nothing. Something needs to be done, and it has become painfully obvious that the two dominant political parties aren’t going to do it. He invites you to join him in a revolutionary campaign to save California and lead the way for the rest of the nation in rebuilding America the Great.

My Achievements

Small Business Owner: Psychology Practice  |  Rental Properties: Business, Commercial, Residential  |  Agriculture: Farmer, Livestock and Crops

Community Co-Chair: Restoration Advisory Board, hazardous materials cleanup of former March Air force Base

Governor Schwazneggar Blue Ribbon Committee, Bay Delta Solutions

Past President, Inland Southern California Psychological Association

San Gorgonio Pass Water Agency, Beaumont

Future Farmers of America Advisory Board, Yuciapa High School

Cherry Valley Water Quality Committee

Moreno Valley College, Community Liaison, Presidents Office

Mt. San Jacinto Community College District Board of Trustees

Save R Vote Riverside County Board of Supervisors

Pole Watch Election Day

Cherry Valley Acres and Neighbors

Costanoan Rumsen Carmel Tribal Advisory Board

Actively working with the second largest tribe in California to develop rehabilitation and vocational training services for homeless Veterans

Actively helped defeat Governor Brown’s effort to sunset the psychology licensing law

Actively help defeat Governor Brown’s ill conceived and costly effort to pilot mental health services